Women against the meat-grinder: the Armenian women campaigning for peace

The current environment has thankfully exposed many of the discriminatory actions towards women. The challenge is not the presence of change but the rate and sustainability of our actions. The evolution of the position of women in Armenian circles tracks behind the emergence of women in western societies.

  • Well, you probably know Cher as a singer, actress, and TV personality and also someone who is even referred to as the “Goddess of Pop”.
  • Because of her “unconventional” look, Armine has always been the center of attention, and often even criticism.
  • It is worth noting that, after the Beijing Conference, the women’s organizations became more active, new ones were founded and several international organization including UNDP, USAID, OSCE initiated research on the topic.
  • And, in this post, I tried to make a list of Armenian female celebrities that are distinguished and successful in their careers.
  • He has spent many years as a volunteer teacher of Armenian history and contemporary issues to the young generation and adults at schools, camps and churches.

Although the Armenian Constitution states that men and women are equal, strong mechanisms to bring this about in the daily life of Armenian society are non-existent. As a performer, she made many adaptations and transcriptions of medieval and modern Armenian and European composers for the oud and guitar.

Armenia’s Top Tech Companies’ Global Impact

Whether this applies to your family or not, we can all help apply standards of equality for Armenian women in community life. We can all be advocates as decisions are made on leadership roles and resource optimization. According to the World Health Organization, between 10% and 60% of Armenian women suffered domestic abuse and violence in 2002; the uncertainty of the data was due to the underreporting of domestic violence in Armenia. Underreporting is said to occur because of the treatment of domestic violence as a private family matter.

The Armenian Woman

Nationalist writers have often singled out such activities, perceiving the progress of Armenian women in the Ottoman, Russian, and Persian empires, and praised them for their contributions to Armenian national development. The CoderDojo Armenia–joining the global movement of volunteer-led, community-based free coding clubs for youth ages 7-17, also provides young programmers mentoring opportunities. The team’s post-Covid-19 programming will focus on Armenia’s regions and on the science behind the technology to better understand Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to geographical range, it’s important for me to show a range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, individuals who were able to overcome struggles and challenges in life, be it economic, political or social. I also wanted to push back against certain strands of contemporary feminism, which, from my perspective, can tend to oversimplify the role of gender in society.

We’ve received your email address, and soon you will start getting exclusive offers and news from Wine Enthusiast. AIWA build awareness and involvement through numerous channels, online and offline. In June 2005 the National Police created a Department on the Fight against Human Trafficking.

Armenian woman

On 13 January, a group of activists, mostly women, organised a protest in front of the government headquarters in Yerevan against the continuously rising death toll of Armenian soldiers during what the authorities referred to as the ‘Era of Peace’. Two months after the Second Nagorno-Karabakh find more at https://thegirlcanwrite.net/armenian-women/ War came to an end, Anahit Baghdasaryan chanced upon Caucasus Crossroad, a Facebook group created by Azerbaijanis https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/relationships/a37398056/cute-nicknames-for-boyfriends/ and Armenians to provide a safe space for dialogue between people of either nationality. The UNSDG has a strengthened coordination system that works at a country, regional and global level. To learn more about Mariam’s story, read the full article ‘We are empowered by technology’ on the UNFPA website.

Starting with 10 wineries from Paso Robles, Argentina and Armenia, the 2022 festival now pours bottles from 40 wineries that draws more than 1,000 attendees. GiniFest not only promotes Armenian wine, but helped reintroduced it to the Armenian community abroad.

The Democratic Republic of Armenia granted the right to vote for women before the United States passed the 19th Amendment, yet today our social advancement is plagued by the stain of domestic violence against women. This is completely unacceptable in a culture that speaks of honor and respect yet carries this dark cloud of shame. It took years for a law to criminalize this behavior, but enforcement requires trust in the system. There are heroes in our midst who organize shelters and provide a safe environment for women to rebuild their lives. The problem is complicated to resolve, but our position should be clear.

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